Brylee Alexander

Independent escort Brylee Alexander from Erie (PA) United States aged 23 is on Book now!

Independent escort Brylee Alexander is now in Erie (PA) - United States, aged 23, Female, White, Bisexual, speaks English, rates starting from 0 EUR. Book now via!

Brylee Alexander

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Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Sexual orientation Bisexual
Age 23
Languages English
Nationality United States
Current location in United States > Erie (PA) > 407 km from you
Latest update 2017-01-25
Credit cards allowed: No
Available now: Yes
Travels: Yes

ABOUT Brylee Alexander
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I love travel, whether it be a 2 hour road trip, or a flight across the country! ...


Eyes Green
Haircolor Red
Clothing style Sophisticated
Lingery style Modern
Cuisine Fusion cuisine
Perfume Unknown
Cupsize 85D
Dress size XL
Shoe size 9,5 (American)
Body type Normal
Height (cm) 164
Weight (kg) 84
Hobbies Writing, blogging, running, reading, shopping
Smoking Yes
Drinks Yes
Piercings Yes
Shaved Yes
Tattoos Yes


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