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It is thus necessary to observe the present general conditions.

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The operators of this website do not evaluate, sponsor or endorse any of the independent services that appear in this directory, nor are the operators of this website in any way affiliated with them.

2. Escortradar24.com is an advertising site for adults, all ads present on all the area of the site are completely independent. I understand that this website provides information and links to referral services for independent contractors.

We do not tolerate and let us not accept the inscriptions of nature racist, obscene, not legal, degrade, political or violent.

3. Your ads supplements will be accessible to all the visitors of our site, after control and validation by our services.
The subscription begins at the time from the validation from your Ad on Escortradar24.com.

4. To create a profile on Escortradar24.com.
Do not hesitate to send an e-mail concerning the advertisements, we are there to assist you. You can contact us here.

5. In the event of lapse of memory or of delay of payment, the access to your account is stopped without delay.
In the event of interruption, your data is not to erased, but simply not visible to the public (the visitors do not have any more an access to your Ad).
With the reception of your payment, we reactivate your subscription.

6. We reserve the right to remove Ads which we consider unacceptable, and this without any justification of our decision.

7. In the event of a cancellation of subscription or non-publishing, no refund is possible.
Any cancellation or non-publishing can be done in the users’ area and will take effect immediately.

8. Escortradar24.com is not responsible for the respectability and the identity of the authors for advertisements in addition to inscriptions appearing in this site. At Escortradar24.com, we control the contents of the advertisements and the inscriptions of the advertisers, the good faith of the advertisers is left with the free appreciation of the users of the site. 

9. Any abuse on behalf of the advertisers and the visitors on the Escortradar24.com site, in the intention to harm or to gain profit, both personally and financially, will result in an immediate denied access to the site.

10. Escortradar24.com reserves the right to start legal proceedings against such intrigues.
In the event of exclusion from the site, no refunding granted.
We are not responsible for the use of any photographs uploaded by third parties (advertisers or non-advertisers).
The photographs must be of high quality and large in size (max 1 MB, formed JPG or PNG).
After our team conducts quality control on the images uploaded, we reserve ourselves the right to refuse the images to be uploaded on the site if we judge its quality is insufficient or shocking.
Escortradar24.com reserves the right to control the veracity of the photographs proposed by the advertisers.
Any noted abuse will result in the cancellation of the subscription without any delay and no refunding will occur.
Escortradar24.com guarantees to the advertisers the confidentiality of provided information.

11. However, in the event of abuse, the contents and the information that are held liable could be used like legal proof.
The reproduction of the profiles and the advertisements of Escortradar24.com or any part of Internet site of Escortradar24.com is strictly prohibited and is subject to Copyright, we reserve ourselves the right to start legal proceedings against any contravener.
The access to the Escortradar24.com site is accessible to all visitors and to members who are at least 18 years of age.

12. With the general acceptance of these conditions.

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